Study Burnout

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Let's face it. College is hard. And study burnout can become a reality, threatening to barricade our academic goals. Do you think you might be experiencing this? Any of the following indicates burnout:

  • You no longer have the drive to continue

  • The quality of your homework/projects have dramatically decreased compared to earlier semesters

  • _You feel like no matter what you put into your work, nothing good comes out _

  • You no longer feel the drive you once felt to complete your degree


Study burnout is a serious problem because it leaves you feeling hopeless and even resentful. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Let's instead focus on how to identify early signs of burnout so that we can fix the situation and prevent it from happening once more.

Effective Ways to Address Study Burnout

The most successful way you can reverse the effects of study burnout is by simply taking a break--Yes, this may sound risky or even scary when you're right in the middle of midterms, but trust us. This includes:

  1. Taking small naps--Give your brain a rest! No, don't sleep all day or through your exams, but a small nap will definitely do some good.
  2. Go to the gym or go on a walk--engaging in physical activity not only gives your brain a much needed break but it also increases blood flow to your brain. This will help you in long-term information retention.
  3. Do something else--go to the grocery store, run an errand, pay some bills; do something that temporarily gets your mind off school.

Prevent Future Episodes of Study Burnout

Let's do what we can to prevent burnout in the future. The following tricks can be helpful:

  1. Divide your study notes into sections--By breaking your notes into chunks, you will not feel as overwhelmed when you approach them. This essentially allows you to take on one chunk at a time rather than staring at 30 pages of notes the night before your exam.
  2. Don't be afraid to Doodle! -- Turning your notes into your unique style can help you retain information. For example, placing particular doodles near important topics might help you recall those topics during your exam.
  3. Make a schedule and stick with it--Don't be too hard on yourself if you get behind, but do everything you can to get caught up.
  4. Eat well and sleep well--No more weekday all-nighters and no more junk food. Taking care of your body is most important.

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