HIST 168 Quiz 1

HIST 168 Quiz 1

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  1. What reasons does the author give for America's participation in the Vietnam War? Does it relate to this nation's Containment Policy as he suggests? Do you agree with Herring?

Question 2

In late 1961, South Vietnam and the United States launched a two-pronged plan to counter the growing insurgency. Describe the actions taken by both governments and their results.

Question 3

What does the author mean when he states that after World War II, the Vietminh and U.S. viewed each other through badly distorted lenses? How did the two entities view each other?

Question 4

  1. What factors caused the U.S. to decide to support France in its struggle to retain Vietnam?

Question 5

George Herring states that the United States' assumptions in 1950 were misguided where they concerned Southeast Asian revolutions and Ho Chi Minh. What were those assumptions?

Question 6

After the fall of French forces in Vietnam, the North Vietnamese regime had many advantages over the South. Describe those advantages.

Question 7

How did the Diem government fail to meet the needs of the people? Include in your discuss how its suppression of dissent stirred discontent that eventually brought about the downfall of the Diem government. Be specific!

Question 8

Herring provides two viewpoints about the origins of the Second Indochina War. List and describe each one.

Question 9

The Eisenhower administration had adopted a "New Look" global military strategy designed to leverage America's technological advantages and reduce military spending. These strategies called for reducing army and navy conventional weapons and placing more reliance upon nuclear capable air forces to deter communist aggression and reduce costs. Kennedy replaced "New Look" with a national policy of "flexible response." Why? Briefly describe this strategy. What were the changes in perceptions that brought caused this new policy and what were the resulting effects in Vietnam?

Question 10

Prior to the commitment of American combat forces in South Vietnam, the United States supported a number of covert operations directed against the North. Briefly list and describe each one discussed by the author.

HIST 168

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HIST 168 Quiz 1

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Excerpt from file: 1.WhatreasonsdoestheauthorgiveforAmericasparticipationintheVietnamWar?Doesitrelateto thisnationsContainmentPolicyashesuggests?DoyouagreewithHerring? YourAnswer: TheUnitedStatesparticipatedintheVietnamWarforthepurposeofstoppingCommunisminSoutheast

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