BSHS 422 week 5 Individual Assignment Final Case Study

BSHS 422 week 5 Individual Assignment Final Case Study

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Running head: CASE STUDY1

Final Exam Case Study/Maria Gonzales



Case Study

The purpose of this paper is to establish a plan that will help the client (Maria Gonzales) to first of all get well, find work, and learn the language to be better able to communicate her needs and the needs of her family. It will also help to the human service worker understand the demographics and psychological variables of the Latin culture. The BSHS/422 Cultural Diversity and Special Populations course is designed to further the understanding and insight of the human worker, to instruct them in ways that will make culturally aware of the client thereby building an atmosphere of trust. The core objective of this class is to examine issues pertaining to the...

BSHS 422

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BSHS 422 week 5 Individual Assignment Final Case Study

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:CASESTUDY 1 FinalExamCaseStudy/MariaGonzales BSHS/422 CASESTUDY 2 CaseStudy Thepurposeofthispaperistoestablishaplanthatwillhelptheclient(MariaGonzales) tofirstofallgetwell,findwork,andlearnthelanguagetobebetterabletocommunicateher

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