MHR 6401, Employment Law 3 Employee Handbook [599 Words]

MHR 6401, Employment Law 3 Employee Handbook [599 Words]

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In an organization, there are many employment policies in the company handbook. This handbook is given to employees at the start of the employer-employee relationship, and although generally not construed as a binding contract against the company in a later lawsuit over the policies, it governs the expectations of employees at the workplace. This Mini Project will have you analyze a company handbook as it relates to the company’s disability policy(ies) and provide a written report of your findings. The report should be minimally 500 words, but not more than 1000 words in length. Please cite your reference using APA format

Review the employee handbook at your place of employment. If you are unemployed, you can review the handbook you might have handy from a previous employer, or ask to look at one from your spouse, other family member, or friend.

In your response, discuss what the handbook says about how the company deals with disability issues and accommodating employees with disabilities.

Explain what, if any, steps the company provides for an employee to present a request for accommodation. Use specific examples within the contract to support your answer.

Do the company policies articulate a difference in how the company treats workplace injuries as opposed to other disabling injuries (such as non-work related injuries or congenital or innate disabling issues)? If so, how? If no, do you think it is effective and/or wise not to include a written distinction?

Is the policy fair? If yes, why? If no, what could the company do to improve the policy? Think about the term “fair” from both an employer and an employee perspective.

MHR 6401

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 MHR 6401, Employment Law 3   Employee Handbook [599 Words]

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:EMPLOYEEHANDBOOK 1 HRMEmployeeHandbook Author Institution EMPLOYEEHANDBOOK 2 Employeehandbook Acompanyshandbookisadocumentthatstipulatestheworkingengagementbetween the employer and the worker. The handbook outlines the expectations of the employer towards the employee and

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