BCOM 230 Week 1 DQ 1

BCOM 230 Week 1 DQ 1

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Which tools available to University students may you use throughout your program? How may these tools help you develop communication skills?

One of my favorite tools that the University of Phoenix offers to the students taking classes online is the Center for Writing Excellence. I utilized the tool to submit papers for review and the plagiarism checker throughout my entire program to obtain my AA in Accounting. I find that writing is more difficult than speaking, and I feel that I sometimes have a hard time getting my points across in a clear and direct manner. I felt that this tool helped me catch errors and allowed me to correct them before they affected my grade. As a student I always relied on the activity of having others edit my papers. Since we don't have this option in the Online...

BCOM 230

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BCOM 230 Week 1 DQ 1

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Excerpt from file: WhichtoolsavailabletoUniversitystudentsmayyouusethroughoutyourprogram?How maythesetoolshelpyoudevelopcommunicationskills? OneofmyfavoritetoolsthattheUniversityofPhoenixofferstothestudentstakingclasses onlineistheCenterforWritingExcellence.Iutilizedthetooltosubmitpapersforreviewand

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