Film Summary Movie Liar Liar [297 Words]

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  1. clip from Movie Liar Liar, answer the following questions

a) In what ways does Fletcher Reede exhibit communication incompetence?

b) Would you describe Fletcher Reede as a high self-monitor or a low self-monitor? Why?

c) Cite two examples of Fletcher Reede's simultaneous verbal and nonverbal communication. Are they in unison or divided? How might his communication style affect the receiver?

d) What does this scene suggest about the famous maxim, "Honesty is always the best policy"?

Film Summary

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 Film Summary    Movie Liar Liar [297 Words]

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Excerpt from file: 1 Runninghead:FILMSUMMARY CommunicationsFilmSummaryMovieLiarLiar Author Institution FILMSUMMARY 2 FilmSummary #a ThemovieLiar,Liarisacomedyabouttherolesofcommunicationininteraction. Fletcher Reede exhibited communication incompetence through constant lies that often

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