Versatile Buildings Lean Systems

Versatile Buildings Lean Systems

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  1. What steps did Versatile take that permitted them to implement Lean Systems?

  2. Which of the key components of Lean Systems did Versatile Buildings consider?

Discuss the specific components of Lean Systems that Versatile Buildings did implement.

  1. How can a services organization overcome obstacles that might prevent them from adopting Lean System principles?

  2. What was one significant element that Versatile Buildings learned that was important when implementing Lean Systems?


  1. Steps followed by versatile that allowed them to implement Lean System were:

Creation of a detailed plan for every building manufactured.

Standardizing various essential features and dimensions.

Generating a detailed material bill as well as pick list for every order when the job is...

Versatile Buildings

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Versatile Buildings Lean Systems

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Excerpt from file: 1. WhatstepsdidVersatiletakethatpermittedthemtoimplementLeanSystems? 2. WhichofthekeycomponentsofLeanSystemsdidVersatileBuildingsconsider? DiscussthespecificcomponentsofLeanSystemsthatVersatileBuildingsdidimplement. 3. Howcanaservicesorganizationovercomeobstaclesthatmightpreventthemfromadopting

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