Do you agree with Dov Frohmans decision in advance of the actual missile

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Do you agree with Dov Frohman's decision in advance of the actual missile

attacks to keep Intel up and running? What about after the actual missile attacks


  1. Do you agree that the decision to remain open or close should have been made

by Frohman rather than executives at Intel's corporate headquarters?

  1. What criteria would you have considered if you were in Frohman's position?

How would you have weighted those factors?

  1. Should Frohman have made an individual decision in this situation or should he

have relied on a decision group?

Case Analysis

Answer: 1

I agree with Dov Frohman's choice to keep Intel open even with potential outcomes of missle strikes. His top variable to stay open was focused around the vulnerability of the...

Do you

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Do you agree with Dov Frohmans decision in advance of the actual missile

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Excerpt from file: CaseAnalysis1 RunningHead:CASEANALYSIS DoyouagreewithDovFrohmansdecisioninadvanceoftheactualmissile attackstokeepIntelupandrunning?Whataboutaftertheactualmissileattacks began? 2.Doyouagreethatthedecisiontoremainopenorcloseshouldhavebeenmade

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