Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

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Go Ask Alice This book is actually a real diary, written by a 15 year old American girl who is tossed into the world of drugs. The girl has the "perfect" life but is forced to change from a child to an adult virtually overnight. She develops a crass attitude, and becomes paranoid, all because of her newly found lust for drugs. It didn't just happen overnight. She started to take sleeping pills and tranquilizers to fall asleep but friends slipped her LSD and from then on she was hooked. She felt insecure and alone, so when the "popular group" invited her to join them she leapt at the chance. She fits right in by being introduced to drugs such as Speed and torpedos. She starts to experiment with more use of drugs and pre-marital sex. She starts pushing drugs at school for her new...

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Go Ask Alice

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Excerpt from file: 1101 GoAskAliceThisbookisactuallyarealdiary,writtenbya15yearoldAmericangirl whoistossedintotheworldofdrugs.Thegirlhasthe"perfect"lifebutisforcedto changefromachildtoanadultvirtuallyovernight.Shedevelopsacrassattitude,and becomesparanoid,allbecauseofhernewlyfoundlustfordrugs.Itdidn'tjusthappen...

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