As the roads became larger and because

As the roads became larger and because

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As the roads became larger and because they provided much more direct and accessible routes to cities, people had more options about where to live. The construction of Levittowns across the country exemplified another regularization phenomenon partially resulting from the interstate system. William Levitt, the mastermind behind the plan, bought thousands of acres of land outside cities such as New York and Philadelphia. On these vast stretches of property, Levitt organized the construction of entire towns. Construction of the roads induced the construction of suburbs and "suburbia," such as Levittown, (originally called "Island Trees") which drastically influenced the culture and social expectancies of the 1950s.

Construction started in the late 1940s with the passage of the GI Bill to...

As the

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As the roads became larger and because

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Excerpt from file: Astheroadsbecamelargerandbecausetheyprovidedmuchmoredirectandaccessibleroutesto cities,peoplehadmoreoptionsaboutwheretolive.TheconstructionofLevittownsacrossthe countryexemplifiedanotherregularizationphenomenonpartiallyresultingfromtheinterstate

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