Adam De La Halle and the Ars Antiqua Time Period

Adam De La Halle and the Ars Antiqua Time Period

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Adam De La Halle

Ars Antiqua Time Period

Life Summary

Adam de la Halle is often referred to as the greatest of the long succession of post Medieval musicians. He was a poet, musician and innovator of the earliest French theater. He became famous for his use of polyphony and his theatrical productions. Adam originally trained for the clergy (the people of the church). Marriage interfered with his musical career; but with the help of some noble benefactors he was able to pursue musical studies at the University of Paris. The remainder of his life was spent in service of noble patrons.

His Music

Adam de la Halle was of French origins. All of his lyrics were written in French. Much of his early music was monophonic which shortly after became homophonic and then...

Adam De

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Adam De La Halle and the Ars Antiqua Time Period

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Excerpt from file: AdamDeLaHalle ArsAntiquaTimePeriod LifeSummary AdamdelaHalleisoftenreferredtoasthegreatestofthelongsuccessionof postMedievalmusicians.Hewasapoet,musicianandinnovatoroftheearliest Frenchtheater.Hebecamefamousforhisuseofpolyphonyandhistheatrical

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