Review of Gyorgi Ligetis Danse Macarbei

Review of Gyorgi Ligetis Danse Macarbei

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Le Grande MacabreAaron Warner

by Gyorgi Ligeti485-13-5800

written in 19784/24/95

L.L. #5

This piece is a lesson in polytonality, dissonance, and complexity. The first thing heard is an imitation of a car horn that seems designed to grab hold of the listener. If I were inattentive before this piece, I certainly was wide awake when it was over. Ligeti seems to have sculpted a piece together from bits and pieces of other musical styles: a sort of modern-art approach to music. The violins tuning without a care in the first few moments, the slow mock continuo of the highly dissonant bassoon counterpoint, and the later high pitch of a clarinet all seem to be broad, bold strokes on a canvas of sound. Ideas come floating to the front of the imaginary "stage",...

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Review of Gyorgi Ligetis Danse Macarbei

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Excerpt from file: LeGrandeMacabre byGyorgiLigeti writtenin1978 AaronWarner 485135800 4/24/95 L.L.#5 Thispieceisalessoninpolytonality,dissonance,andcomplexity.The firstthingheardisanimitationofacarhornthatseemsdesignedtograbhold ofthelistener.IfIwereinattentivebeforethispiece,Icertainlywaswide

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