ECON 545 Project 2 Cousin Edgar Macroeconomic Analysis

ECON 545 Project 2 Cousin Edgar Macroeconomic Analysis

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ECON545: Project 2-Macroeconomic Analysis

Each of the scenarios has a list of Macroeconomic areas you are to address, with sources, in your answer. Briefly you are to research and show how these apply to your scenario: GDP growth rate (20 points), the business cycle (30 points), fiscal policy and level of unemployment (50 points), monetary policy and interest rates (50 points), international trade (40 points), and demographics (20 points).

Cousin Edgar is always thinking of the next business idea. This time, he plans to invest in buying four gas stations. He reckons American consumers have come to accept the high gasoline prices, and estimates world prices for gasoline to increase even further with high demand from India and China. Besides, Cousin Edgar thinks he will make a good profit...

ECON 545

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ECON 545 Project 2 Cousin Edgar Macroeconomic Analysis

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Excerpt from file: ECON545:Project2MacroeconomicAnalysis EachofthescenarioshasalistofMacroeconomicareasyouaretoaddress,withsources,in youranswer.Brieflyyouaretoresearchandshowhowtheseapplytoyourscenario:GDP growthrate(20points),thebusinesscycle(30points),fiscalpolicyandlevelof

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