CJS 250 Check Point Week 1 Historical Laws and Security

CJS 250 Check Point Week 1 Historical Laws and Security

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Cjs 250 Week 1

CJS 250 Check Point Week One Historical Laws and Security

When it comes to historical laws and security, I have found that we tend to have the same kind of laws that they did back in time. However they also maybe revised to meet today's society. We will be talking about six different historical laws which are The Code of Hammurabi, Draco's Law, and Law of the Twelve Tables, Justinian Code, Magna Carta, and Statute of Westminster.

The Law Code of Hammurabi (1750 B.C.) created by King Hammurabi, which was discovered in 1901. Also the quote "an eye for an eye" symbolizes the Hammurabi code. Which consist with the crimes that we have that gets disobeyed such as: slavery, marriage, theft, debts and commerce.

Second law that I would like to tell a little about would be Draco's...

CJS 250

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CJS 250 Check Point Week 1 Historical Laws and Security

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Excerpt from file: Cjs250Week1 CJS250CheckPointWeekOneHistoricalLawsandSecurity Whenitcomestohistoricallawsandsecurity,Ihavefoundthatwetend tohavethesamekindoflawsthattheydidbackintime.Howeverthey alsomayberevisedtomeettodayssociety.Wewillbetalkingaboutsix differenthistoricallawswhichareTheCodeofHammurabi,DracosLaw,

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