Project Deliverable 3 Database and Data Warehousing Design

Project Deliverable 3 Database and Data Warehousing Design

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The data collection company has a huge collection of data generally goes into terabytes. Data warehouse is the only option Though not much structured like relational databases but when used in line with them, data warehouse turns out to be a huge help. Every moment, a single page visit generates thousands of records to be saved. Data may get outdated but it cannot be deleted as few months down the line, it will be used for analysis. This analysis generated future prospects of business. And this analysis depends on - how the data is collected and how efficiently it be arranged to give clear picture for analysis.

Being a CIO of the company I had to look for data warehouse vendor which can enhance our analytics operations.

The Need for Data Warehousing

A number of new concepts...

Project Deliverable

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Project Deliverable 3 Database and Data Warehousing Design

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Excerpt from file: Introduction Thedatacollectioncompanyhasahugecollectionofdatagenerallygoesintoterabytes.Data warehouseistheonlyoptionThoughnotmuchstructuredlikerelationaldatabasesbutwhenused inlinewiththem,datawarehouseturnsouttobeahugehelp.Everymoment,asinglepagevisit

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