SCIN 132 Week 1 Crossword Puzzle

SCIN 132 Week 1 Crossword Puzzle

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SCIN 132 Week 1 Crossword Puzzle


2 The lowest level of organization that includes atoms and molecules.

6 Directional term meaning farther from the midline or midsagittal plane.

7 The level of organization that is formed from molecules that have been combined together to form the smallest living units in the body.

10 Condition that occurs when water loss is greater than water gain.

12 The level of organization that is comprised of groups of cells, and the materials surrounding them, that work together to perform a particular function.

14 The science of structure and the relationships among structures.

15 The science of body functions.

16 The level of organization that is comprised of different kinds of tissues joined together to form body structures.

17 A positively charged ion.

18 The principle energy-transferring molecule that decomposes, by hydrolysis, to adenosine diphosphate.

20 The sum of all the chemical processes that occur in the body.

21 The maintenance of relatively stable conditions.

22 The plane within the body that divides the body, or organ, into superior and inferior portions.

23 These form the cell membrane by lining up tails-to-tails in a double row.

25 The standard position for relating body parts to one another.


1 Substances that act quickly to temporarily bind H+, removing the highly reactive, excess H+ from solution but not from the body.

3 An extracellular cation that contributes to the hardness of bones and teeth, plays important roles in blood clotting, neurotransmitter release, maintenance of muscle tone, and excitability of nervous and muscle tissue.

4 The highest level of organization that consists of all the systems of the body.

5 Directional term meaning towards the head or upper part of a structure.

8 Location of the thirst center that governs the urge to drink.

9 The most important and abundant inorganic compound in all living systems, making up 55-60% of body mass in lean adults.

11 One of the three hormones responsible for regulating the extent of renal sodium and chloride ion reabsorption; atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) and angiotensin II being the other two.

13 The level of organization that consists of related organs that have a common function.

19 A solution that contains more hydrogen ions (H+) than hydroxide ions (OH-); pH below 7.

24 An atom that has a positive or negative charge due to having unequal numbers of protons and electrons.

SCIN 132

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SCIN 132 Week 1 Crossword Puzzle

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