Accounting 201 Final Project Amazon Inc

Accounting 201 Final Project Amazon Inc

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Accounting 201 Final Project Amazon Inc

I have selected the company , INC. This is an online business portal, selling consumer goods. The company got incorporated in 1994, in the state of Washington. Hence it is 20 years young company having word-wide business. The company serve to retails customers, consumers, through world wide web.

The company manages its business in a professional method. They manage the business on geographic basis. Thus the operations has been divided in North America and South America. Each segment reports its operations separately and then the total is reported in the financial statements.

2a. Download the most recent annual (10-K) financial statement from the SEC or company website. Financial statements produced by finance websites are not...

Accounting 201

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Accounting 201 Final Project Amazon Inc

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Excerpt from file: Accounting201FinalProjectAmazonInc Ihaveselectedthecompany,INC.Thisisanonline businessportal,sellingconsumergoods.Thecompanygotincorporatedin 1994,inthestateofWashington.Henceitis20yearsyoungcompany havingwordwidebusiness.Thecompanyservetoretailscustomers, consumers,throughworldwideweb.

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