MGT 431 week 5 DQ 2

MGT 431 week 5 DQ 2

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Discuss the impact of communication on healthcare delivery in the future. Discuss relevant material learned and how they impact the communication on healthcare in the future.

I believe that "communication" is vital in any or all healthcare delivery systems. Educating society and making them more aware of healthcare issues will bring awareness and knowledge that can be used for themselves, family members, or friends. The more aware we become regarding health related issues the more it will bring awareness allowing individuals to help reduce these certain health risks for happening.

Communication within the healthcare system is taking place through many methods that include emails, cell phones, and computers. Information is being shared via World Wide Web and it allows people to have...

MGT 431

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MGT 431 week 5 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Discusstheimpactofcommunicationonhealthcaredeliveryinthefuture.Discussrelevant materiallearnedandhowtheyimpactthecommunicationonhealthcareinthefuture. Ibelievethatcommunicationisvitalinanyorallhealthcaredeliverysystems.Educating societyandmakingthemmoreawareofhealthcareissueswillbringawarenessand...

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