separation or assimilation

separation or assimilation

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Separation or Assimilation?

Our country, The United States of America, was essentially founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through solidarity of human kind. In Bernard R. Boxill's article, "Separation or Assimilation," he fundamentally poses the Hamletesque question: to assimilate or not to assimilate. Subsequent to the dilemma of some black cultural nationalists, whom not only argue for assimilation of the black American populace, but also believe that this assimilation into white culture is inevitable, against cultural pluralism. Cultural pluralism, which was initialized by W. E.B. Dubois in the late 19th century, is founded upon the peculiarities of races, living harmoniously in one nation-state, and lacking superiority or...

separation or

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separation or assimilation

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Excerpt from file: 8/95 SeparationorAssimilation? Ourcountry,TheUnitedStatesofAmerica,wasessentiallyfoundedonthe principlesoflife,liberty,andthepursuitofhappinessthroughsolidarityof humankind.InBernardR.Boxill'sarticle,"SeparationorAssimilation,"he fundamentallyposestheHamletesquequestion:toassimilateornotto

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