Causes of the Rise of Japanese Militarism in the 1930s

Causes of the Rise of Japanese Militarism in the 1930s

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The Factors that Gave Rise To Japanese Militarism

     Japan's political journey from its quasi-democratic government in the 1920's to its radical nationalism of the mid 1930's, the collapse of democratic institutions, and the eventual military state was not an overnight transformation. There was no coup d'etat, no march on Rome, no storming of the Bastille. Instead, it was a political journey that allowed a semi-democratic nation to transform itself into a military dictatorship. The forces that aided in this transformation were the failed promises of the Meiji Restoration that were represented in the stagnation of the Japanese economy, the perceived capitulation of the Japanese parliamentary leaders to the western powers, a compliant public, and an independent military. 


Causes of

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Causes of the Rise of Japanese Militarism in the 1930s

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Excerpt from file: TheFactorsthatGaveRiseToJapaneseMilitarism Japan'spoliticaljourneyfromitsquasidemocraticgovernmentinthe 1920'stoitsradicalnationalismofthemid1930's,thecollapseofdemocratic institutions,andtheeventualmilitarystatewasnotanovernight transformation.Therewasnocoupd'etat,nomarchonRome,nostormingofthe...

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