Battle of Saratoga

Battle of Saratoga

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Battle of Saratoga

The Battle of Saratoga is considered to be the major turning point of the

American Revolution. This battle proved to the world that the fledgling

American army was an effective fighting force capable of defeating the highly

trained British forces in a major confrontation. As a result of this successful

battle, the European powers took interest in the cause of the Americans and

began to support them.

In the British Campaign of 1777, Major General Burgoyne planned a concentric

advance of three columns to meet in Albany, New York. He led the main column,

which moved southward along the Hudson River. A second column under General

Barry St. Leger would serve as a diversionary attack, moving eastward from

Canada along the Mohawk River. General Howe would be...

Battle of

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Battle of Saratoga

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Excerpt from file: BattleofSaratoga TheBattleofSaratogaisconsideredtobethemajorturningpointofthe AmericanRevolution.Thisbattleprovedtotheworldthatthefledgling Americanarmywasaneffectivefightingforcecapableofdefeatingthehighly trainedBritishforcesinamajorconfrontation.Asaresultofthissuccessful

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