Euthanasia is not Murder

Euthanasia is not Murder

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Euthanasia is not Murder

 Debate continues over the issue of euthanasia because of the recent court decision over Dr. Death.  Kevorkian has been aquitted of murder in his assisted suicide cases and the court has created precedent for the legalization of selecting death.  Euthanasia does take place and is selected voluntarily by patients who are in great pain due to an incurable illness like cancer.  Usually, the decision is made to pull the plugs of machines which prolong life or to end treatment.  Because patients select to die, their deaths end suffering, and there is no intention to cause harm, physician assisted euthanasia cannot be considered murder.

 Murder can be defined as an act of violence which is perpetrated against a victim.  For example, a man stuffed into a...
Euthanasia is

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Euthanasia is not Murder

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Excerpt from file: EuthanasiaisnotMurder Debatecontinuesovertheissueofeuthanasiabecauseoftherecentcourt decisionoverDr.Death.Kevorkianhasbeenaquittedofmurderinhisassisted suicidecasesandthecourthascreatedprecedentforthelegalizationof selectingdeath.Euthanasiadoestakeplaceandisselectedvoluntarilyby

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