IT 205 week 3 DQ 1

IT 205 week 3 DQ 1

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What are the advantages of a relational approach to database design? What are the drawbacks?

When using the relational database, designers do not have to worry about creating a previous linkage in the database between two different types of data in case this relationship is needed later on. Since users might find different relationships between different datum along within the process, while using the relational approach they do not have to be handcuffed to the relationships already established. Thanks to the relation database users can identify the relationships as soon as the database is created or even later thanks to the links between data tables representing the relationships among them. I honestly could not find any drawbacks with this type of design, I am guessing this is why...

IT 205

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IT 205 week 3 DQ 1

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Excerpt from file: Whataretheadvantagesofarelationalapproachtodatabasedesign?Whatarethe drawbacks? Whenusingtherelationaldatabase,designersdonothavetoworryaboutcreatingaprevious linkageinthedatabasebetweentwodifferenttypesofdataincasethisrelationshipisneeded

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