ISCOM 471 Week 3 Learning Team DQ

ISCOM 471 Week 3 Learning Team DQ

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Week 3 Team DQ


Determine how a supply chain's performance can be measured

Companies' supply chain's performance can be measured by inventory turns, cost of goods sold as a percentage of revenue, and return on assets. This is according to a study documented in the text, Operations Management for a Competitive Advantage. This study then calculated the financial performance of the company based on its change in stock market capitalization during the study period. There is a strong direct relationship between supply chain operations and corporate financial performance (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006).

Apply strategic capacity management

According to , capacity management is "the management of the limits of an organization's resources, such as its...


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ISCOM 471 Week 3 Learning Team DQ

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Excerpt from file: Week 3 Team DQ Week3TeamDQ ISCOM/471 Determinehowasupplychain'sperformancecanbemeasured Companies'supplychain'sperformancecanbemeasuredbyinventoryturns,costof goodssoldasapercentageofrevenue,andreturnonassets.Thisisaccordingtoastudy p.1 Week 3 Team DQ p.2

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