HSM 260 Course Description

HSM 260 Course Description

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HSM 260

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HSM 260 Week 1 CheckPoint Definition Scavenger Hunt

. CheckPoint: Definition Scavenger Hunt

Define each of the following basic accounting terms in your own words by finding sources on the Internet.

Provide the URL that supports the definition you have created for each item.


Basic accounting formula

Transaction, t-account

General ledger



Account balance

Trial balance




Net assets

Accounts receivable

Accounts payable


Post your definitions as a Microsoft Word attachment.

HSM 260 week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2

Discussion Questions

How does the statement of functional expenses differ from the statement of activities? What is the difference between a revenue center and an expense center as it relates to a human...

HSM 260

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HSM 260 Course Description

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Excerpt from file: Category HSM260 Linkname HSM260Week1 CheckPointDefinition ScavengerHunt .CheckPoint:DefinitionScavengerHunt Defineeachofthefollowingbasicaccounting termsinyourownwordsbyfindingsourceson theInternet. ProvidetheURLthatsupportsthedefinitionyou havecreatedforeachitem. GAAP Basicaccountingformula

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