HSM 230 Week 3 CheckPoint Leadership Styles Case Study

HSM 230 Week 3 CheckPoint Leadership Styles Case Study

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Leadership Styles Case Study

Axia College

Leadership Styles Case Study

In this case study, leaders from NCF (Northwest Center for Families) and SSS (Southeast Social Services) attended a conference on performing social work in small communities where dual relationships may occur. Dual relationships are a situation where a worker may deal with clients on a professional level as well as on a social level. In small communities, this very often occurs. Each director returns to their organization with information to share and implement to reduce the possibility of conflicts of interest. This case study illustrates how the two theories of leadership (transactional and transformational) contradict each other and which is more appropriate to the human services industry.


HSM 230

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HSM 230 Week 3 CheckPoint Leadership Styles Case Study

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