HSM 230 Week 2 CheckPoint Code of Ethics Analysis

HSM 230 Week 2 CheckPoint Code of Ethics Analysis

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Code of Ethics Analysis

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Code of Ethics Analysis

In the article written by Johnson, Ralph, and Johnson regarding psychological treatment on aircraft carriers, many issues can result from embedding within that community. Because this is an environment where interactions between the therapist and crewmembers are inevitable, it is difficult to maintain professionalism and ensure the confidentiality of clients. The conflicts between military regulations and the needs of patients are a very real problem.

The NASW Code of Ethics in Ethical Leadership in Human Services addresses the ethical dilemma that faces these military officers in the sections on conflict of interest (Section ), privacy and confidentiality (Section ), commitment to clients (Section ),...

HSM 230

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HSM 230 Week 2  CheckPoint Code of Ethics Analysis

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