Calculate the lattice energy for LiF(s) given the following

Calculate the lattice energy for LiF(s) given the following

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Calculate the lattice energy for LiF(s) given the following:

sublimation energy for Li(s) +161 kJ/mol ?Hf for F(g) +77 kJ/mol first ionization energy of Li(g) +520. kJ/mol electron affinity of F(g) -328 kJ/mol enthalpy of formation of LiF(s) -617 kJ/mol

A 2.2-g sample of a small protein having a molecular weight of 42,000 g/mol is dissolved in 45.6 mL of water at 23°C. What is the osmotic pressure of the solution?  (_R_ = 0.0821 L · atm/(K · mol))


What is the Lewis dot structure for one formula unit of magnesium sulfide?

What is the ground-state electron configuration of the chloride ion?

What is the freezing point of a 0.19 m solution of glucose, C6H12O6 in water? (K_f_ for water is 1.858°C/m.)

The radii of the species Cl, Cl+, and Cl- decrease in order:

From a consideration of the Lewis structure of the thiocyanate ion,    in which carbon has a double bond with both the sulfur and nitrogen atoms, what are the formal charges on the sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen atoms are, respectively?

Which of the following affect(s) the solubility of gases in solvents  You may select one, two, or three responses.  (a. the nature of the gas b. the nature of the solvent c. the temp of the solvent)

The molecule AX3 in which A is the central atom, is polar and obeys the octet rule.  How many lone pairs of electrons does A have?

What is the geometry that describes how the electron pairs are arranged about the chlorine atom in ClF3?

What is the hybridization of Se in SeF6?

What mass of 20% potassium chloride solution contains 80.0 g of water?

Given the following boiling point data, which one of the liquids would you expect to have the HIGHEST vapor pressure at room temperature?

a) water, H2O; 100°C b) methanol, CH3OH; 64.96°C c) ethanol, CH3CH2OH; 78.5°C d) diethyl ether, CH3CH2-O-CH2CH3; 34.5°C e) ethylene glycol, HO-CH2-CH2-OH; 198°C

What is the molecular geometry for the carbonate ion?

What is the value of q when 7.12 g of water vaporizes at 373 K?  The enthalpy of condensation of water at 373K is -40.7 kJ/mol.

Consider the following molecular ions and molecules: F2+, F22+, F2, and F2-.  Which will have the shortest bond length between the fluorine atoms?  Assume the homonuclear molecular orbit diagram still applies to these ions.

Which of the following gases is least soluble in water?

CO2, SO3, N2, NH3, HCl

The solubility of 1-hexanol in water is 0.60 g per 100 g of water at 25°C.  What is the maximum amount of 1-hexanol that will dissolve in 7.9 g of water at 25°C?

In the Lewis formula for ClF3, how many lone pairs are around the central atom?

How many moles of urea (60.g/mol) must be dissolved in 71.6 g of water to give a 2.4 m solution?

When a 41.7-g sample of an unknown compound is dissolved in 500. g of benzene, the freezing point of the resulting solution is 3.77°C. The freezing point of pure benzene is 5.48°C, and Kf for benzene is 5.12°C/m. Calculate the molar mass of the unknown compound.

What is the Lewis dot structure for the lithium ion?

When a solid undergoes a phase change to a gas, the process is called____.

What is the molecular geometry of the nitrite ion, NO2-?

Below is a phase diagram for a substance.  Which line represents the melting-point curve of the substance?

Calculate the

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 Calculate the lattice energy for LiF(s) given the following

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Excerpt from file: Chemistry Tutorial 1. Lattice energy is, 2. the number of moles is, 45.6 mL L 23oC 273 296 K 3. It looks like, 4. 5. , hence the freezing point of water decreases by degrees and the freezing point of the solution would be degrees celsius 6. This is a question of how many electrons the species

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 Calculate the lattice energy for LiF(s) given the following

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Excerpt from file: HUMAN AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE 1 Introduction Human and machine intelligence, the current goals and limitations of artificial intelligence are categorized. The main goal being to make a machine that is human-like. Will machines be creative or logical? The function of the right and left hemispheres

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