HCS 451 week 5 DQ 2

HCS 451 week 5 DQ 2

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Review the scenario below and answer the questions that follow:

XYZ Health Department provides services to county residents. Budget cuts have forced the department to cut back on some services and lay off several staff, increasing the workload of other staff. Morale among staff has declined, and county residents have complained that they are not treated with dignity and respect and are not receiving high quality care and service.

o What strategies can XYZ Health Department implement to provide high quality care and services to the county residents and to help increase customer satisfaction?

o How can these strategies help minimize risk and improve quality? Provide specific examples to support your answers.

The strategies that XYC Health Department can use to...

HCS 451

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HCS 451 week 5 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Reviewthescenariobelowandanswerthequestionsthatfollow: XYZHealthDepartmentprovidesservicestocountyresidents.Budgetcutshave forcedthedepartmenttocutbackonsomeservicesandlayoffseveralstaff, increasingtheworkloadofotherstaff.Moraleamongstaffhasdeclined,and

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