week 2 DQ 2

week 2 DQ 2

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From a management perspective, there are several reasons for training. Some of the easiest to understand are new employee training, training required by law or policy (i.e. sexual harassment training,) and training for new equipment. But how do you justify the implementation of other types of training programs in terms of both what to train and how in-depth the training should be?

Our firm just recently providedtraining for the upgrade to Lotus Notes 8.5. The reason for that training was to give employees an introduction and look at what the new email system will provide for employees and the firm. Training was provided so employees would have a look at what the features are, what has changed and how to operate the new email system. The use of training is a tool to guide employees in...

week 2

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week 2 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Provideanexampleofatimewhenmanagementpresentedyouwithanorganizational orproceduralchange.Whatstepsdidmanagementtaketoimplementand communicatethechange?Whatwastheimpactofthatchangeonemployeemoraleand production?Ifyouhadbeenthemanagement,whatwouldyouhavedonedifferentlyin thatscenario?

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