HCR 210 Week 7 CheckPoint Internet Databases

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                           Medical Information Electronically Stored In an Internet Database

Using the internet to retrieve medical information, which is electronically stored in an internet database is somewhat fighting. Many individuals are not excited regarding health care providers and their use of Master Patient Indexes (MPIs) none the less using the internet to retrieve medical information. However the Florida Health Information Network says that having medical information electronically stored in an Internet database will; cut cost, while improving the quality of care for patients, and reduce medical errors. This will also create communications for local information-sharing (Keller, 2007). However, patient medical information is extremely sensitive and should not be handled...

HCR 210

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HCR 210 Week 7 CheckPoint Internet Databases

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Excerpt from file: MedicalInformationInAnInternetDatabase1 MedicalInformationElectronicallyStoredInanInternetDatabase Usingtheinternettoretrievemedicalinformation,whichiselectronicallystoredinan ...

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