Wgu MMT2 Task 3

Wgu MMT2 Task 3

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Wgu MMT 2 task 3

I. Executive Summary 6

II. The Challenge 6

III. Situation Analysis 6

a. Company Analysis 6

b. Customer Analysis 7

c. Competitor Analysis 8

i. Competitor's Chart App. A

d. Collaborators 9

e. Climate 9

i. PEST Analysis App. B

ii. SWOT Analysis App. C

IV. Market Segmentation 9

a. Segment 1 9

b. Segment 2 9

c. Segment 3 10

d. Segment 4 10

V. Alternative Marketing Strategies 10

VI. Online Marketing Strategy 10

a. Search Engine Optimization 10

b. Web Analytics Plan 11

c. Social Media 11

d. Maintaining Online Customer Satisfaction 12

e. E-Commerce Solutions 13

f. Sitemap App. D

g. Website Mock-ups App. E

h. Web Development and Maintenance Budget 13

VII. International Consideration 15

VIII. Marketing Strategy 15

a. Product 15

b. Price 15

c. Place 16

d. Promotion 16

IX. Short and...

Wgu MMT2

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Wgu MMT2  Task 3

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Excerpt from file: WguMMT2task3 I.ExecutiveSummary6 II.TheChallenge6 III.SituationAnalysis6 a.CompanyAnalysis6 b.CustomerAnalysis7 c.CompetitorAnalysis8 i.CompetitorsChartApp.A d.Collaborators9 e.Climate9 i.PESTAnalysisApp.B ii.SWOTAnalysisApp.C IV.MarketSegmentation9 a.Segment19 b.Segment29 c.Segment310 d.Segment410

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