Wgu Ebt 1 Task 2 Evidence Based Practice

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Type of Sources / Appropriateness of Sources / Classification of Sources

American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians article regarding acute otitis media is a filtered resource. It is an appropriate source for nursing practice because; it establishes clinical guidelines to diagnose and manage AOM. It also establishes guidelines when to treat the signs and symptoms of AOM, watchful waiting, or to treat with an antibiotic. This article is classified as an evidence based guideline because, it reviews multiple research literatures in a systemic manner and provides recommendations of practice. Block's Causative Pathogens article is an unfiltered resource. It is an appropriate source for nursing practice because it provides the clinician with the most...

Wgu Ebt

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Wgu Ebt 1 Task 2 Evidence Based Practice

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Excerpt from file: TypeofSources/AppropriatenessofSources/ClassificationofSources AmericanAcademyofPediatricsandAmericanAcademyofFamilyPhysicians articleregardingacuteotitismediaisafilteredresource.Itisanappropriatesource fornursingpracticebecause;itestablishesclinicalguidelinestodiagnoseand

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