Vidding Expression or Copyright Piracy

Vidding Expression or Copyright Piracy

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Vidding -Expression or Copyright Piracy?

In this paper, I will be discussing whether Vidding is considered to be Expression or Copyright Piracy. I will also be discussing what effects if any, creating and uploading vis to the Internet and whether or not it is an expression of free speech or infringement on intellectual property. These views will include utilitarianism, rights, and justice. Copyright laws are in place to try to control the illegal act of piracy.

According to our text "Business and Society?," vidding is the application of creating new videos by taking existing clips from the entertainment media and blending them with a song. This new form of creativity or self-expression can be downloaded or uploaded using different formats and made available on the computer and...

Vidding Expression

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Vidding Expression or Copyright Piracy

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Excerpt from file: ViddingFreeExpressionorCopyright Piracy? Inthispaper,Iwillbediscussingwhether ViddingisconsideredtobeFreeExpression orCopyrightPiracy.Iwillalsobediscussing whateffectsifany,creatinganduploadingvis totheInternetandwhetherornotitisan expressionoffreespeechorinfringementon

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