Toyotas safety recalls

Toyotas safety recalls

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Toyota's safety recalls

Toyota's safety recalls - Are they indicators of problems associated with quality management, outsourcing or simply indicators of setting inconsistent competitive priorities in operations strategy?

I thought this was a good article to share as it clears some misconceptions of Toyota and their management philosophies and technology. This article was written by Stewart Anderson who is president of a Toronto-based consulting and advisory firm in the areas of continuous improvement and business strategy.

The tools and techniques of what is commonly called "lean manufacturing" have their origin in the Toyota Production System (TPS). While the lean movement deserves much credit for popularizing these tools and techniques, a number of...

Toyotas safety

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Toyotas safety recalls

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Excerpt from file: Toyotassafetyrecalls ToyotassafetyrecallsAretheyindicatorsofproblemsassociatedwithqualitymanagement,outsourcingorsimplyindicatorsofsetting inconsistentcompetitiveprioritiesinoperationsstrategy? I thought this was a good article to share as it clears some misconceptions of Toyota and

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