Res 320 Final Exam

Res 320 Final Exam

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320 Final Exam



Questions Correct Answer

Researchers who have strong opinions about the subject of a study are likely to do a better job of conducting the research. 1. F

Research may be used as a diagnostic tool to provide information about what is happening in the environment. 2. T

When a decision must be made about a specific real-life problem, we would conduct ____ research. 3. Applied

Information that is not relevant to the decision at hand is called "incomplete." 4. F

A company's private data network, which offers information that is available only inside that organization, is called: A. electronic data interchange (EDI). B. The World Wide Web. C. an Internet. D. an Intranet. E. electronic mail. 5. D

A hypothesis is a proven proposition...

Res 320

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Res 320 Final Exam

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Excerpt from file: 320FinalExam RES320FINALEXAM NAME: QuestionsCorrectAnswer Researcherswhohavestrongopinionsaboutthesubjectofastudyare likelytodoabetterjobofconductingtheresearch.1.F Researchmaybeusedasadiagnostictooltoprovideinformationabout whatishappeningintheenvironment.2.T

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