PSY 496 Final Applied Project

PSY 496 Final Applied Project

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School Violence

Final Project

PSY 496: Applied Project


In the United States today, our kids are suffering from school violence. School violence in itself is such a broad area to be researched. The area I would like to propose in this paper is that of school-bullying. In all the areas of school-violence, bullying seems to be the most prevalent. Although school-bullying may not be the most dangerous form of school-violence, it is still a problem, and I aim to seek what causes this phenomenon. Introduced, within the body of my paper, is a series of research studies and techniques, in which I have proposed to use in order to arrive at a series of logical answers. I start out first with a good perspective, one that many people would ponder when thinking of this epidemic. I then move...

PSY 496

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PSY 496 Final Applied Project

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Excerpt from file: SchoolViolence FinalProject PSY496:AppliedProject Abstract IntheUnitedStatestoday,ourkidsaresufferingfromschoolviolence. Schoolviolenceinitselfissuchabroadareatoberesearched.Thearea Iwouldliketoproposeinthispaperisthatofschoolbullying.Inallthe areas of schoolviolence, bullying seems to be

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