PPA 603 Final Project Government Budgeting

PPA 603 Final Project Government Budgeting

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PPA 603 Final Project Government Budgeting

Focus of the Final Project: Utilizing a public policy of your choice from a local government where you reside, prepare a paper assessing that government's revenues and examining possible funding options for the chosen public policy. Utilizing the local government's annual budgeting documents, please incorporate the following into your document.

Describe restrictions that are (or could be) placed on those revenues. Evaluate how public policy decisions affect the receipt of revenues. Analyze the economic conditions that affect revenue projections. Develop a revenue policy that aligns with community values. The Final Paper should focus on real life, real time application of topics covered in this course; the uses you have seen and the uses you can...

PPA 603

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PPA 603 Final Project Government Budgeting

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Excerpt from file: PPA603FinalProjectGovernment Budgeting FocusoftheFinalProject:Utilizingapublicpolicyofyourchoicefromalocalgovernmentwhereyoureside,prepareapaperassessing thatgovernmentsrevenuesandexaminingpossiblefundingoptionsforthechosenpublicpolicy.Utilizingthelocalgovernmentsannual

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