CJA 304 week 1 DQ 2

CJA 304 week 1 DQ 2

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Due Day 5 (Saturday): Submit a response to Discussion Question #2 in the Main forum and begin commenting on each other's responses. Please post your response in the DQ threads. Your response to the question must contain a minimum of 200 words, which does not include re-wording the question as part of the response.

Please post your response to the following Discussion Question #2:

What role does listening play in oral communication within the criminal justice system? How do the various types of listening play a role in effective communication? Compare and contrast the most important listening types and why they are important in the criminal justice system.

Listening is a trait that is developed as early as childhood. As people, we generally want to be heard rather than listen to...

CJA 304

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CJA 304 week 1 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: DueDay5(Saturday):SubmitaresponsetoDiscussionQuestion#2intheMainforumand begincommentingoneachothersresponses.PleasepostyourresponseintheDQthreads. Yourresponsetothequestionmustcontainaminimumof200words,whichdoesnot includerewordingthequestionaspartoftheresponse.

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