Organization's Code of Ethics and Credo

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Organization's Code of Ethics and Credo

In this paper I will Write Kaiser Permanente Hospital's Code of Ethics

This hospital strives for compliance of professional and ethical standards it is to be followed by everyone working for the organization including contractors and vendors. This means to understand the code of conduct ensuring responsibilities to members, setting high standards to care, truthfulness, professionalism, responsible partnering, accountability and responsiveness, privacy and confidentiality to protect personal information. To help with compliance to these standards Kaiser has come up with the annual Corporate Compliance training program and within this there is the Principles of Responsibility Kaiser's code of conduct.

Kaiser's healthcare reaches for excellence and...


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Organization's Code of Ethics and Credo

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Excerpt from file: Organization's Code of Ethics and Credo InthispaperIwillWriteKaiserPermanenteHospitalsCodeofEthics Thishospitalstrivesforcomplianceofprofessionalandethicalstandards itistobefollowedbyeveryoneworkingfortheorganizationincluding contractorsandvendors.Thismeanstounderstandthecodeofconduct ensuring

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