Network Infrastructure and Security Design Project

Network Infrastructure and Security Design Project

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Network Infrastructure and Security

Design Project

Integrative Network Design Project: Part 1

The virtual organization I choose was Kudler Fine Foods, mainly for my experience with this organization in previous classes. Upon research I found that Kudler is in serious need of updated networks as their current systems are border line obsolete and extremely inefficient. Over the next few weeks a plan will be formulated to be put into action to remedy this. This being part 1 I will discuss the general outline to this plan as well as evaluate Kudler's current system and setup. I will also note the makeup and design of their network system and state which standards apply to this project.

Kudler is an upper-scale grocer which specializes in selling quality specialty foods as well as your...

Network Infrastructure

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Network Infrastructure and Security Design Project

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Excerpt from file: NetworkInfrastructureandSecurity DesignProject IntegrativeNetworkDesignProject:Part1 ThevirtualorganizationIchoosewasKudlerFineFoods,mainlyformy experiencewiththisorganizationinpreviousclasses.UponresearchI foundthatKudlerisinseriousneedofupdatednetworksastheircurrent

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