moral dilemma in Trifles

moral dilemma in Trifles

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Moral Development

The moral development of a person's character will have a major impact on society as a whole. If we fail to show children moral responsibility they in turn will lack the moral and ethical sense of values. The critical importance of the early years remains crucial to all later development. With all the violence and unsuitable language in film, television, and music today's society poses an even larger threat on children. Moral functioning involves self-esteem, self-control, and altruistic behavior. It seems as if children are developing at a faster rate than previous generations. If we fail to instill morals than we may fail to produce children that have the conscience to decide what is right from what is wrong. If children grow up lacking moral judgment it will have an...

moral dilemma

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moral dilemma in Trifles

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Excerpt from file: MoralDevelopment Themoraldevelopmentofapersonscharacterwillhaveamajorimpact onsocietyasawhole.Ifwefailtoshowchildrenmoralresponsibility theyinturnwilllackthemoralandethicalsenseofvalues.Thecritical importanceoftheearlyyearsremainscrucialtoalllaterdevelopment. With all the violence and

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