BSHS 402 Week 5 Individual Final Exam

BSHS 402 Week 5 Individual Final Exam

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  1. Describe the process of goal setting when working with a client.

    The process of goal setting revolves around many aspects in which; you gather basic information about the client. For instance, name, birthday, gender and the reason why help is needed. Within the intake process you become more acquainted with the client. Many times there is a case done to trace previous history of the client. Secondly the case manager must do and assessment to review the initial problem. Whereas you determine rather or not needs can be is very important with gathering information necessary to evaluate what the agency can do to help reach goals. Within working to determine the strengths, weakness, and other factors that may caused the existing problems. Then there is and attempt to find...

BSHS 402

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BSHS 402 Week 5 Individual Final Exam

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Excerpt from file: Final Exam/BSHS 402 1. Describetheprocessofgoalsettingwhenworkingwithaclient. Theprocessofgoalsettingrevolvesaroundmanyaspectsinwhich;yougatherbasic informationabouttheclient.Forinstance,name,birthday,genderandthereasonwhyhelpis

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