Mission and Vision Statements Fedex 2013

Mission and Vision Statements Fedex 2013

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Mission and Vision Statements Fedex 2013


FedEx & Google

Mission & Vision Statement Analysis


"Mission statementis a description of what an organization actually does - what its business is - and why it does it."

Often called the "credo", "philosophy", "core values" or "our aspirations", organization's mission is the statement that defines its core purpose or reason for being. It tells who a company is and what it does. According to P. Drucker, often called the father of modern management, a mission is the primary guidance in creating plans,strategiesor making daily decisions. It is an importantcommunication toolthat conveys information about organization's products, services, targeted customers, geographic markets, philosophies, values and...

Mission and

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Mission and Vision Statements Fedex 2013

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Excerpt from file: MissionandVisionStatementsFedex2013 MISSION&VISIONSTATEMENTS FedEx&Google Mission&VisionStatementAnalysis MISSIONSTATEMENT Missionstatementisadescriptionofwhatanorganizationactuallydoes whatitsbusinessisandwhyitdoesit. Oftencalledthecredo,philosophy,corevaluesorouraspirations,

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