Mgt 521 Business Analysis Part I

Mgt 521 Business Analysis Part I

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Mgt 521 Business Analysis Part I

Business Analysis I- Microsoft Corporation


Business Analysis Part I- Microsoft Corporation

As a mutual fund manager, I have decided to do some research on the company named "Microsoft" in order to make a decision on whether I would make an investment on this particular company. My research will aim on Microsoft's history, its current statistics of its employees, annual sales; the products it produce and etc., SWOT analysis, finding out what its Internal and External Stakeholders wants and needs are from the company and whether the wants and needs were met/fulfilled.

History of Microsoft

Microsoft was invented by a young man named Bill Gates who drops out of Harvard College and Paul Allen in April 04, 1975. Both Bill and Paul the first PC computer...

Mgt 521

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Mgt 521 Business Analysis Part I

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Excerpt from file: Mgt521BusinessAnalysisPartI BusinessAnalysisIMicrosoftCorporation MGT/521 BusinessAnalysisPartIMicrosoftCorporation Asamutualfundmanager,Ihavedecidedtodosomeresearchonthe companynamedMicrosoftinordertomakeadecisiononwhetherI wouldmakeaninvestmentonthisparticularcompany.Myresearchwill

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