COMM 208 Week 1

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Week 1

Individual Customer Service Complaint Response

Think of a negative customer service experience you endured or heard or read about. As the customer service manager, how would you respond to the complaint in writing?

Consider how the communication was received. Was it by letter, e-mail, or phone call?

Write a 200- to 350-word memo in response to the customer complaint. Describe the complaint, reiterate what is considered good customer service, and explain the importance of effective business communication to customers and within the company. Adapt this memo for each of the following audiences:

The store manager

The store staff

All stores throughout the company

Week 1 DQs

Why is it important to communicate effectively in the workplace? Write at least 200 words.

What are the costs of effective communication and the costs of poor communication? What are the benefits of improving communication? Write at least 200 words.

How would you communicate to different audiences with the same needs? Provide an example. Write at least 300 words.

COMM 208

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COMM 208 Week 1

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