Radicals and Rational Exponenets

Radicals and Rational Exponenets

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Answers only for the following questions.

  1. Solve -?(2x+1)=-9 for x

  2. Which of the following best describes imaginary numbers?

  3. What are the mean and standard deviation of the data -6, 12, 2, -4, 1, 6, 0, 3?

  4. Rationalize the denominator of 2/?(a-1)

  5. Simplify ?(16x^4 y^5 ) ?(243y^7 ) assuming the variables represent non-negative numbers.

  6. Simplify i^23

  7. Two children in nearby houses attempt to use walkie-talkies to communicate. The walkie-talkies reach one quarter of a mile (1320 feet). From on childs house to the other, the walk along the city sidewalks is as follows: Proceed 450 feet from the first house to the nearest corner, turn right ?90?^o and proceed another 1050 feet. Are the childrens houses within the 1320-foot range of one another? Choose the best answer.

  8. Simplify ?810

  9. Combine like radicals in ?(5&2x)-?(5&32x^5 )+?(5&-64x)+?(8x^3 )

  10. Compute the value of |-6-6i|

  11. Which of these expressions is in simplified form?

  12. Which of these points is 5 units away from the point (6,-1)?

  13. Simplify (5?2)/(2-i) by rationalizing the denominator.

  14. Which of these expressions simplifies to (?3 (|x|-5x^2 ))/3?

  15. Which expression has the same value as ?25?^(1/2)?

  16. What best describes the triangle whose corners are located at the points (1, 1), (2, 2), and (0, 16)?

  17. Which of these radical expressions simplifies to x?

  18. Expand (x-2?y)(x+2?y) and simplify. Assume y ? 0.

  19. Solve ?2x+x=4 for x.

  20. Which of these phrases best describes the standard deviation?

  21. To solve ?x+?(x-5)=5 for x, begin with which of these steps?

  22. Simplify (6-i)(2+i)

  23. Rationalize the denominator (?x+?y)/(?x-?y) assuming x > 0 and y? 0.

  24. Simplify ?(-16xy^6 )

  25. Simplify 2?2 (-?8+2?6)

Radicals and

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Radicals and Rational Exponenets

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Excerpt from file: 1. Solve -(2x1)-9 for x x 40 2. Which of the following best describes imaginary numbers? They are the values of expressions of the form -a for various real numbers a, as long as a0. 3. What are the mean and standard deviation of the data ...

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