Human Capital Management importance

Human Capital Management importance

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Human Capital Managemen

Organizations today are looking for ways to capitalize on their resources to maintain a competitive edge within the markets and industries they serve. As such, corporations see an opportunity cost with investing in their employees and attracting top talent. As part of being a department that focuses on strategy and aligning its processes with the mission, vision and values of the organization as a whole, human capital management is an important component of the human resource strategic plan and organization altogether. A company that does not actively invest in their human capital will experience an erosion of employee morale, products, and services, as well as, lose the capability to compete with its competitors in the market. Organizations should conduct an...

Human Capital

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Human Capital Management importance

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Excerpt from file: HumanCapitalManagemen Organizationstodayarelookingforwaystocapitalizeontheirresourcestomaintain acompetitiveedgewithinthemarketsandindustriestheyserve.Assuch, corporationsseeanopportunitycostwithinvestingintheiremployeesandattracting

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