HCS 325 Week 5

HCS 325 Week 5

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HCS 325 Week 5

Learning Team Final Assignment: Power Point Presentation

Finalize and submit your Learning Team Power Point Presentation. Make sure that all requirements are met including detailed speaker notes at the bottom of the slides.

Some students ask, Who should the audience be for whom we are writing the Power Point presentation? The University creates the assignments in the Materials section. I have adapted them somewhat for more clarification, such as this paragraph. I am fine with whatever audience your Learning Team chooses, but one suggestion to keep things simple is that you have the presentation be oriented as if you are the manager of the rehabilitation center, presenting the information to your upper leadership at the corporate office.

Please remember to have an Overview of Presentation or Introduction slide in the beginning of your Power Point, and a Conclusion slide at the end (see Organization/Development section of the attached Grading Rubric)

Discussion Questions

What are some appropriate topics for an organizations formal code of ethics to address? What might be considered an inappropriate topic for the formal code of ethics?

How is social responsibility different from ethics? Provide an example of an organization behaving in a socially responsible manner.

HCS 325

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HCS 325 Week 5

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Excerpt from file: OrganizationalStructurePresentation Name HCS325 Date Professor OrganizationalStructurePresentation I. Introduction II. IMPACTOFORGANIZATIONALSTRUCTUREON COMMUNICATION A. Considerationofinternalfactors 1. Sizeoforganization 2. Organizationlifecycle 3. Strategy 4. Environment 5. Technology B.

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