ACC 490 Week 5 Team Assignment Audit Sampling Case Memo

ACC 490 Week 5 Team Assignment Audit Sampling Case Memo

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Audit Sampling Case Memo




Instructor Name


To: John Smith

From: Audit Team A

Date: December 4, 2011

Subject: Mt. Hood Furniture Audit


This memo aims at testing the level of accuracy in the final inventory compilation of Mt. Hood Furniture. The objective is to obtain reasonable assurance that inventory assertion is presented fairly in all material respects as well as to determine the value of Mt. Hood Furniture inventory based on a sample rather than counting the entire population.

Transcribing of the quantities to the final accumulation and valuation will also be done by the audit team. More so they will also determine if the accumulation and the pricing of the inventory are accurate; their task will also go beyond and determine if the audit...

ACC 490

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ACC 490 Week 5 Team Assignment Audit Sampling Case Memo

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Excerpt from file: AuditSamplingCaseMemo1 AuditSamplingCaseMemo Name ACC/490 Date InstructorName AuditSamplingCaseMemo2 MEMORANDUM To:JohnSmith From:AuditTeamA Date:December4,2011 Subject:Mt.HoodFurnitureAudit Purpose ThismemoaimsattestingthelevelofaccuracyinthefinalinventorycompilationofMt.

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